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pH Calculator

The pH calculator helps to determine the pH of the solution of either strong acid and base or weak acid and base. pH stands for "power of hydrogen", it determines the concentration of hydrogen ion. Using this pH calculator, you can also find pOH, [H$^{+}$] and [OH$^{-}$]. pOH determines the concentration of hydroxide ion.

Formula to calculate pH, pOH, [H$^{+}$] and [OH$^{-}$] :

pH = -log[H$^{+}$]
[H$^{+}$] = 10$^{-pH}$

pOH = -log[OH$^{-}$]
[OH$^{-}$] = 10$^{-pOH}$



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Steps to calculate pH, pOH, [H$^{+}$] and [OH$^{-}$] :

Step 1 : Make a note of all the values given from the problem.

Step 2 : Using the above formula, substitute the values into the appropriate formula and get the result accordingly.


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Based on pH and pOH, some of the problems are solved below.

Solved Examples

Question 1: Determine pH, if [H$^{+}$] = 0.06 M.
Given : [H$^{+}$] = 0.06 M

pH = -log[H$^{+}$]
pH = -log[0.06 M]
pH = 1.222

Question 2: Determine the hydroxide ion concentration,if 5.70 is the pOH of a solution.
Given : pOH = 5.70

[OH$^{-}$] = 10$^{-pOH}$
[OH$^{-}$] = 10$^{-5.70}$
[OH$^{-}$] = 2.00 $\times$ 10$^{-6}$ M