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Ohms Law Calculator

Ohm's law calculator is a fundamental calculator in physics. Online calculator helps to determine the voltage of a given circuit in terms of current and resistance. The relation between voltage, current and resistance in Ohm's law is,
V = IR
V = voltage
I = current
R = resistance


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Step 1 : Jot down the given parameters from the problem.

Step 2 : Substitute these variables in the given equation and find out the unknown value,
V = IR.


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Let us discuss the problems related to Ohm's law.

Solved Examples

Question 1: Calculate the voltage of the given circuit with a resistance 5$\Omega $ and flowing a current 2A.
Given values are,
R = 5$\Omega $, I = 2A

Voltage of the circuit is,
V = IR
V = 2$\times$5 = 10V


Question 2: Find out the value of resistance of a circuit, the applied voltage is 15V and the current flowing through the circuit is 2.5A?

Given values are,
V = 15V, I = 2.5A

Resistance of the circuit is,
V = IR

R = $\frac{V}{I}$

R = $\frac{15}{2.5}$ = 6$\Omega $