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Kinematics Calculator

By using this calculator one can find out the initial velocity, final velocity, displacement, time, acceleration etc. Actually this calculator is used to solve the kinematics equations. There are four basic equations included in this category. Out of these, two equations are very important. From these equations, we can find out the mentioned parameters. So the kinematic equations are,

v = u + at

s = ut + $\frac{1}{2}$a$t^{2}$
is the final velocity
u is the initial velocity
a is the acceleration
t is the time
s is the displacement


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Step 1: After the careful reading, note down the given quantities from the question.

Step 2: Substitute these values in appropriate equations given above and find out the final velocity and displacement.

Step 3: By using the same equations we can find out the other parameters also according to the given measures.


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Problems of kinematics are mentioned below. Go through those problems for better understanding.

Solved Examples

Question 1: A car traveling initially at a speed of 12m/s accelerates at a rate of 4m/s2 for a time of 5s?

Given values are,
u  = 12m/s, a = 4m/s2 and t = 5s
Formula for final velocity is,
v = u + at
v = 12 + 4$\times$5 = 32m/s


Question 2: A man walks initially at a speed of 5m/s with an acceleration of 2m/s2. Calculate the final velocity and displacement for a time of 10s?

Given that,
u = 5m/s, a = 2m/s2, t = 10s
Kinematic formula for final velocity and displacement is,
v = u + at

s = ut + $\frac{1}{2}$a$t^{2}$

Final velocity is,
v = 5 + 2$\times$10 = 25m/s
Displacement is,

s = 5$\times$10 + $\frac{1}{2}$2$\times10^{2}$

s = 50 + 100 = 150m