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Inductive Reactance Calculator

This is an online physics calculator which gives the inductive reactance of an electrical circuit. A simple schematics of the circuit is given below.

Inductive Reactance
The formula for inductive reactance is given as,
$X_{L}$ = 2$\pi$fL
= inductive reactance,
f = frequency,
L = inductance.


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Step 1 : Pu down the parameters given in the question.

Step 2 : Plug these variables in the given formula and find out the required variable

$X_{L}$ = 2$\pi$fL.


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Some of the solved problems related to inductive reactance are given in this section.

Solved Examples

Question 1: Calculate the reactive inductance of a circuit with an inductance of 0.5H and which carries a signal with a frequency 500Hz.

Given measures are,
f = 500Hz,
L = 0.5H.

Reactive inductance of circuit is given as,
$X_{L}$ = 2$\pi$fL
$X_{L}$ = 2$\times$3.14$\times$500$\times$0.5 = 1570Ω

Question 2: Calculate the inductance of a given circuit which has a reactive inductance of 250Ω and carries a signal with a frequency of 1500Hz.

Given measures are,
f = 1500Hz,
$X_{L}$ = 250Ω

Inductance of a given circuit,
$X_{L}$ = 2$\pi$fL

L = $\frac{X_{L}}{2 \pi f}$

L = $\frac{250}{2 \times 3.14 \times 1500}$ = 0.265H