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Inductance Calculator

Online inductance calculator helps to calculate the inductance of a circuit. Inductance is a resisting force due to the current flowing through the circuit. The formula to find out the inductance is,
L = $\frac{N^{2}\mu A}{l}$
L is the inductance,
N is the number of turns of the coil,
$\mu$ is the permeability of the material,
A is the area of the coil,
I is the length of the coil.


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Step 1 : Put down the given parameters from the question.

Step 2 : Substitute these values in the formula and find out the unknown,

L = $\frac{N^{2}\mu A}{l}$.


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Solved problems of inductance are discussed below:

Solved Examples

Question 1: A copper inductor coil has 400 turn and the core area is 0.5m2. The length and permeability of this coil are 80cm and 0.6 respectively, calculate its inductance.

Given parameters are,
N = 400,
$\mu$ = 0.6,
A = 0.5m2,
l = 80cm = 0.8m.

Inductance of coil is,

L = $\frac{N^{2}\mu A}{l}$

L = $\frac{400^{2}\times0.6\times0.5}{0.8}$ = 600H


Question 2: Calculate the number of turns of a coil whose inductance is 1000H, the core area is 1m2, the length and permeability of this coil are 35cm and 0.4 respectively.

Given parameters are,
L= 1000H,
$\mu$ = 0.4,
A = 1m2,
l = 35cm = 0.35m.

Number of turns of a coil is,

L = $\frac{N^{2}\mu A}{l}$

$N^{2}$ = $\frac{Ll}{\mu A}$

$N^{2}$ = $\frac{1000\times0.35}{0.4\times1}$ = 875

N = $\sqrt{875}$ = 29.58 ≈ 30