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Friction Calculator

Online friction calculator helps to determine the frictional force when an object is moving through a surface. The frictional force is a contact force. The formula for friction is given as,
F = $\mu$N
= frictional force,
$\mu$ = coefficient of friction,
N = normal force.


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Step 1 : Identify the given values of the problems given.

Step 2 : Plug these values into the formula and find out the unknown value

F = $\mu$N


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Let us discuss the problems related to friction.

Solved Examples

Question 1: Calculate the frictional force, if the coefficient of friction and normal force are given to be 0.54 and 50N respectively.

Given parameters are,
$\mu$ = 0.54,
N = 50N.

Ffrictional force is,
F = $\mu$N
F = 0.54$\times$ 50 = 27N


Question 2: Calculate the coefficient of friction, if the frictional force and normal force are 45N and 60N respectively.

Given parameters are,
F = 45N,
N = 60N.

Coefficient of friction is,
F = $\mu$N

$\mu$ = $\frac{F}{N}$

$\mu$ = $\frac{45}{60}$ = 0.75