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Free Fall Calculator

We know that a falling object accelerates towards the Earth because of the gravitational force of attraction between the object and Earth. When the force of gravity is the only force that is, when friction is negligible- we say that the object is in a state of free fall.

The formulas related to freely falling body are,
               Velocity:     V = $\sqrt{2gh}$

       P = mgh
g is the acceleration due to gravity,
h is the height from the surface of earth,
m is the mass of the object.


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Step 1 : Note down the parameters given in the question.

Step 2 : Plug these values in any of the equations according to the requirement.

V = $\sqrt{2gh}$

P = mgh

Step 3 : Find out the unknown values.


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Problems related to free fall are given below.

Solved Examples

Question 1: Calculate the velocity of a freely falling body from a height of 5m.

Given that,
h = 5m, g = 9.8m/s2

Velocity of a free fall is,
V = $\sqrt{2gh}$
V = $\sqrt{2\times9.8\times5}$ = 9.899m/s


Question 2: Find out the potential energy of a body of mass 2.5kg at a height of 10m.

Given that,
m = 2.5kg, g = 9.8m/s2, h = 10m

Potential energy of a body is,
P = mgh
P = 2.5$\times$9.8$\times$10 = 245kgm2/s2