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Chemical Formula Calculator

Chemical formula represents the elements present in a compound and the subscript represents mole proportions of the element. Chemical formula calculator helps to show the chemical formula and also chemical name of the element or compound accordingly. Plug in the formula or name accordingly into the Chemical formula calculator and get the appropriate value.


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Steps to find the chemical formula :

Step 1 : From the periodic table, identify the symbol and make a note of the cation and anion of the given compound.

Step 2 : Find the charge of each symbol and balance the positive charge and negative charge.

Step 3 : Finally, write the formula with its subscripts.

Steps to find the chemical name :

From the periodic table, identify the element name and represent the chemical name.


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Solved problems are given below based on chemical formula.

Solved Examples

Question 1: Write the chemical formula of Calcium Nitrate.
Given chemical name : Calcium Nitrate

Symbol of Calcium is Ca and symbol of Nitrate is N.

Ca has +2 charge and N has -3 charge.

To balance the charge, the compound need 3 Ca and 2 N.

The chemical formula of Calcium Nitrate is Ca$_{3}$N$_{2}$.

Question 2: Write the chemical name of NaCl.
Given chemical name : NaCl

From the periodic table, Na is the chemical formula of sodium and Cl is the chemical formula of chloride.

Na + Cl $\rightarrow$ NaCl

The chemical name of NaCl is Sodium Chloride.