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Charles Law Calculator

According to Charles Law, the volume of given amount of gas is directly proportional to the temperature of the gas at constant pressure.
V $\propto$ T

Let $V_i$ be the initial volume at $T_i$ temperature at a given pressure. When the volume changes to $V_f$, then the temperature changes to $T_f$. Charles Law can be expressed as,

$V_i$ = Initial volume
$T_i$ = Initial Temperature
$V_f$ = Final volume
$T_f$ = Final temperature

This online charles law calculator calculates any one of the parameter i.e., $V_i$, $T_i$, $V_f$ and $T_f$ if these parameters are given.


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Step 1: Note down the given values of the problem.

Step 2: Substitute the values into the charles law formula given below
and get the unknown parameter.


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Given below are some of the problems based on Charles Law.

Solved Examples

Question 1: A gas of 6 L is collected at 150 K and is allowed to expand to 25 L. Determine the temperature in order to maintain the same pressure?
Step 1: Given : $V_1$ = 6 L
$T_1$ = 150 K
$V_2$ = 25 L
$T_2$ = ?

Step 2: Using the formula,

$\frac{6 L}{150 K}=\frac{25 L}{T_{f}}$

$T_{f}$=$\frac{25L \times 150 K}{6 L}$

$T_{f}= 625 K$

Therefore, Final temperature is 625 K.

Question 2: At $25^{\circ}$, a 2.5 L gas is collected and filled. What will be the volume of the gas at the standard temperature? 
Step 1: Given : $V_1$ = 3 L
$T_1$ = $25^{\circ}$ = 298 K
$V_2$ = ?
$T_2$ = 273 K (Standard temperature)

Step 2: Using the formula,

$\frac{3 L}{298 K}=\frac{V_{f}}{273}$

$V_{f}$= $\frac{3 L \times 273 K}{298 K}$

$V_{f}= 2.74 L$

Therefore, Final volume is 2.74 L.