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Capacitance Calculator

Online calculator for capacitance is used to find out the capacitance of a circuit if the total charge and potential difference are provided. Capacitance is denoted as C, and its unit is Farad (F). The formula to find out the capacitance is given as,
C = $\frac{Q}{V}$
C is the capacitance,
Q is the total charge,
V is the potential difference.


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Step 1 : Read the question and note down the given parameters.

Step 2 : Substitute these values in the given formula and find out the required value

C = $\frac{Q}{V}$.


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Some of the solved problems related to capacitance are given below.

Solved Examples

Question 1: Find out the capacitance of a capacitor whose electric charge is 30C and the potential difference is 14V.

Given that,
Q = 30C,
V = 14V.

Capacitance of a given capacitor is,

C = $\frac{Q}{V}$

C = $\frac{30}{14}$ = 2.14F


Question 2: The capacitance and charge of a capacitor are 1.2F and 50C respectively. Calculate the potential difference.

Given that,
Q = 50C,
C = 1.2F

Potential difference of the given capacitor is,

C = $\frac{Q}{V}$

V = $\frac{Q}{C}$

V = $\frac{50}{1.2}$ = 41.66V